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Thursday, February 3, 2011

WWII Museum soliciting my Membership

My e-mail to the National WWII Museum in New Orleans:

"I just received a letter in the mail from the museum asking me to become a Charter Member. The reason the WWII Museum has my personal information is because I submitted it along with a few concerns about the exhibits I saw. Before I can even consider becoming a member I have to be sure these concerns have been met. First, the museum did not recognize that Nazi Germany destroyed the thriving queer community of Berlin in the lead up to WWII. Second, the the references to concentration camps did not recognize those persecuted except the Jewish people. Specifically, queer people and people of color were not included. And last but definitely not least, in the aftermath of WWII, there was an influx of soldiers into the large cities they disembarked to. This directly correlates to the early beginnings of the gay community in the US. Without WWII, the gay bar culture in the 1950s would have been a severely limited phenomena. I believe these points are very important to history of our nation. I'm curious if any of these points have been addressed since I visited the museum in November 2009."

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