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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gay Marriage: What the FUCK!? by Sue-Ann Post

Let me say up front that as someone who has been ‘out’ as a lesbian for 27 years, I just don’t get this push for gay marriage. I don’t understand why it has become a headline issue in the push for equal human rights, especially when our rights in other areas are being slowly eroded by some state governments. In the ‘80s we fought for the right to be different. Now it seems that we’re fighting for the right to be the same. I don’t get it.

Having our relationships recognised as valid and legal is one thing, but why on earth go as far as wanting to get married? I’m not the only one who thinks this way. One of the saddest things I’ve seen at a Pride March was two years ago where a lone, brave man carried a sign saying, ‘I don’t want to get married. Do I still belong?’ I have two major problems with marriage, gay or straight. For starters, marriage is the ultimate symbol of monogamy and I’m not monogamous. Even if my brain suddenly exploded and I decided that I wanted to get married, which of my girlfriends should I marry and which should I leave swinging in the wind? More importantly, I think of marriage as a pitiful, mediaeval relic of an institution with a 50% failure rate that requires people to make completely unrealistic promises. When the marriage vows were written, average life expectancy was 35. Even with the best of intentions, the framers of marriage could never have expected that a bond of lifelong monogamy could end up lasting for 30, 40 or 50 years. Even they might have baulked at that prospect.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gavin Newsom does not understand Patents.

Today Lt.Gov. Gavin Newsom released a report titled "AN ECONOMIC GROWTH AND COMPETITIVENESS AGENDA FOR CALIFORNIA." In it he outlines a plan that will get rid of redundant regulations and other obstacles for new business.

I liked the idea, but looking at the actual report I was stunned by the 6th page. He is using the huge amount of patents as an example of the innovation in our state. I'm willing to bet that most of those patents are practical duplicates of another. There is a huge problem with patents at the moment. Most concern software and programming. None of them actually have code attached to them. If he thinks those patents can create more jobs if we lessen regulations he is dead wrong. Those patents were filed for the sole reason of making money through litigation. Shell companies have been set up just so they can milk startups with bogus patent lawsuits. Nothing in his report mentions the number of fraudulent patents being filed today.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Obama on Religious Hiring practices

Today at a town hall meeting at the Uni. of Maryland Obama dogged a question about tax-payer funding of religious organizations. The question was 'What would you say to a woman who has been denied employment because of her religion or lack of religious beliefs by a taxpayer-funded organization?' Instead of addressing tax payer funding of religious organizations he focused on the privilege of religious organizations to choose who they hire, regardless of their funding sources. He only said he 'worked closely' with these organizations to influence their hiring practices and what that means I really have no idea.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

"One does not get better but different and older and that is always a pleasure." -Gertrude Stein (in a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recent Against Equality Radio Interviews

Here are some good radio interviews this month from Yasmin Nair and Ryan Conrad, co-founders of Against Equality:

Ryan Conrad on "Justice or Just Us" talking about the "Against Equality: A Queer Critic of Gay Marriage" book. As well a good discussion about queer politics, touching on many issues. http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/635/against_equality.mp3

Yasmin Nair on WBEZ91.5 (Chicago Public Media) discussing her opinions about marriage equality and how it distracts from real change. http://www.wbez.org/episode-segments/2011-06-01/critique-same-sex-marriage-within-gay-community-87269

Jok Church: A circle of caring

Beautiful message. (The bow tie is a nice touch. And that's definitely a Jolly Roger handkerchief.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bones 2011 Season Finale

Two points about this season finale really bothered me. First, I think its been 2 seasons since she originally planned on artificial insemination. I would have expected her to be on birth control again. Booth already has a son, if this pregnancy is the driving cause for them to end up together in the next season I have to call bullshit.

Second, the fact that the newborn is not blind also bothers me. They drummed it up the whole season, the parents were prepared for the possibility and then they just shrugged off the whole thing. Talk about people with disabilities not being represented in media and the perpetuation of the idea that a baby will be loved "as long as its healthy," invalidating the experience of parents with a child with disability.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" music video

The music is difficult to dance to and the lyrics are very problematic. However, I have to admit: even though I'm not a huge fan of "Born This Way" I think the music video is great. Unlike the lyrics which seem to fall into a certain creationist narrative, her video shows us a different narrative: she births herself. Or outside of a theological creation, she invents her own image, she creates her own future. I think this is a much more powerful message than saying that we were created by "H-I-M".

Thursday, February 3, 2011

WWII Museum soliciting my Membership

My e-mail to the National WWII Museum in New Orleans:

"I just received a letter in the mail from the museum asking me to become a Charter Member. The reason the WWII Museum has my personal information is because I submitted it along with a few concerns about the exhibits I saw. Before I can even consider becoming a member I have to be sure these concerns have been met. First, the museum did not recognize that Nazi Germany destroyed the thriving queer community of Berlin in the lead up to WWII. Second, the the references to concentration camps did not recognize those persecuted except the Jewish people. Specifically, queer people and people of color were not included. And last but definitely not least, in the aftermath of WWII, there was an influx of soldiers into the large cities they disembarked to. This directly correlates to the early beginnings of the gay community in the US. Without WWII, the gay bar culture in the 1950s would have been a severely limited phenomena. I believe these points are very important to history of our nation. I'm curious if any of these points have been addressed since I visited the museum in November 2009."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Palestinian Queer Activists on US Speaking Tour

Random that my last two posts focus on Palestine.

"Saturday, February 5th, 2011- Minneapolis, 3-4:30
Sunday, February 6, Chicago 2 - 4pm.
February 8th, Cambridge, Mass, 6:30 pm.
February 10th- New York City, 7 pm. 
February 11th- Philadelphia, 3 pm
February 15th- San Francisco, 7pm-9pm
February 16th- Oakland, 7pm-9pm
February 18 -NYC"


"Al-Qaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society seeks to promote the development and growth of the Palestinian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) community in Israel and the Palestinian occupied territories. This process is inextricably linked with the larger mission of building an equal, diverse and open Palestinian society. Within this context, Al-Qaws is an enthusiastic partner in the development of a Palestinian civil society that respects and adheres to human and civil rights and allows individuals to live openly and equally, regardless of their sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity."

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gaza Youth Break Out Manifesto!

This really lets all of us know what it is like to live in Gaza right now. I know some who don't like it when ethnicity and sexuality are equated, but I have been subject to injustice, indifference, ignorance and silent consent. And I have felt immense dissatisfaction, frustration, hopelessness, and rage.
Fuck Hamas. Fuck Israel. Fuck Fatah. Fuck UN. Fuck UNWRA. Fuck USA! We, the youth in Gaza, are so fed up with Israel, Hamas, the occupation, the violations of human rights and the indifference of the international community! We want to scream and break this wall of silence, injustice and indifference like the Israeli F16’s breaking the wall of sound; scream with all the power in our souls in order to release this immense frustration that consumes us because of this fucking situation we live in; we are like lice between two nails living a nightmare inside a nightmare, no room for hope, no space for freedom.
We are sick of being caught in this political struggle; sick of coal dark nights with airplanes circling above our homes; sick of innocent farmers getting shot in the buffer zone because they are taking care of their lands; sick of bearded guys walking around with their guns abusing their power, beating up or incarcerating young people demonstrating for what they believe in; sick of the wall of shame that separates us from the rest of our country and keeps us imprisoned in a stamp-sized piece of land; sick of being portrayed as terrorists, homemade fanatics with explosives in our pockets and evil in our eyes; sick of the indifference we meet from the international community, the so-called experts in expressing concerns and drafting resolutions but cowards in enforcing anything they agree on; we are sick and tired of living a shitty life, being kept in jail by Israel, beaten up by Hamas and completely ignored by the rest of the world.
There is a revolution growing inside of us, an immense dissatisfaction and frustration that will destroy us unless we find a way of canalizing this energy into something that can challenge the status quo and give us some kind of hope. The final drop that made our hearts tremble with frustration and hopelessness happened 30rd November, when Hamas’ officers came to Sharek Youth Forum, a leading youth organization (www.sharek.ps) with their guns, lies and aggressiveness, throwing everybody outside, incarcerating some and prohibiting Sharek from working. A few days later, demonstrators in front of Sharek were beaten and some incarcerated. We are really living a nightmare inside a nightmare.
It is difficult to find words for the pressure we are under. We barely survived the Operation Cast Lead, where Israel very effectively bombed the shit out of us, destroying thousands of homes and even more lives and dreams. They did not get rid of Hamas, as they intended, but they sure scared us forever and distributed post traumatic stress syndrome to everybody, as there was nowhere to run.
We are youth with heavy hearts. We carry in ourselves a heaviness so immense that it makes it difficult to us to enjoy the sunset. How to enjoy it when dark clouds paint the horizon and bleak memories run past our eyes every time we close them? We smile in order to hide the pain. We laugh in order to forget the war. We hope in order not to commit suicide here and now. During the war we got the unmistakable feeling that Israel wanted to erase us from the face of the earth. During the last years Hamas has been doing all they can to control our thoughts, behaviour and aspirations. We are a generation of young people used to face missiles, carrying what seems to be a impossible mission of living a normal and healthy life, and only barely tolerated by a massive organization that has spread in our society as a malicious cancer disease, causing mayhem and effectively killing all living cells, thoughts and dreams on its way as well as paralyzing people with its terror regime. Not to mention the prison we live in, a prison sustained by a so-called democratic country.
History is repeating itself in its most cruel way and nobody seems to care. We are scared. Here in Gaza we are scared of being incarcerated, interrogated, hit, tortured, bombed, killed. We are afraid of living, because every single step we take has to be considered and well-thought, there are limitations everywhere, we cannot move as we want, say what we want, do what we want, sometimes we even cant think what we want because the occupation has occupied our brains and hearts so terrible that it hurts and it makes us want to shed endless tears of frustration and rage!
We do not want to hate, we do not want to feel all of this feelings, we do not want to be victims anymore. ENOUGH! Enough pain, enough tears, enough suffering, enough control, limitations, unjust justifications, terror, torture, excuses, bombings, sleepless nights, dead civilians, black memories, bleak future, heart aching present, disturbed politics, fanatic politicians, religious bullshit, enough incarceration! WE SAY STOP! This is not the future we want!
We want three things. We want to be free. We want to be able to live a normal life. We want peace. Is that too much to ask? We are a peace movement consistent of young people in Gaza and supporters elsewhere that will not rest until the truth about Gaza is known by everybody in this whole world and in such a degree that no more silent consent or loud indifference will be accepted.
This is the Gazan youth’s manifesto for change!
We will start by destroying the occupation that surrounds ourselves, we will break free from this mental incarceration and regain our dignity and self respect. We will carry our heads high even though we will face resistance. We will work day and night in order to change these miserable conditions we are living under. We will build dreams where we meet walls.
We only hope that you – yes, you reading this statement right now! – can support us. In order to find out how, please write on our Facebook wall (Gaza Youth Breaks Out — GYBO) or contact us directly: freegazayouth@hotmail.com
We want to be free, we want to live, we want peace.
[via Accidental Theologist]

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