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Saturday, August 15, 2009


I thought I'd list some of the cool comics I've been reading lately.

The Walking Dead -- best zombie comic ever.

The Unwritten -- Harry Potter-esque series is loved by world, everyone thinks the son of the writer is the actual main character and strange things start happening...

Fahrenheit 451 -- Just wow. This is an amazing adaption of the book. The colors are awesome.

Chew -- Tony Chew is a "cibopath". When he takes a bite of something, he sees its life flash before his eyes. This comes in handy to solve crime for the FDA, in a world where Chicken has been banned because of the avian flu.

Detective Comics -- Starting with issue #854 the main character of the series is now Batwoman--a red-headed Jewish lesbian! Fuckin' awesome. And her first mad enemy only speaks in dialogue of Alice from Through the Looking Glass.

Herogasm -- You know when all the super heroes team up to defeat some huge enemy threatening the Earth? It's a hoax. They're taking a vacation.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic -- Um... what can I say? I love Star Wars. The KotOR games wer fucking awesome. And now Bioware is creating an Old Republic MMORPG!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz -- Awesome adaption from Marvel comics. :) It's only 8 issues long and I think they plan on continuing through the other books.

Unthinkable -- After 9/11/01 the government sets up a think tank--"The Think Tank"--of some of the smartest (and maybe craziest) people in the world to write down as many worst-case scenarios they can think of. They are disbanded and 8 years later all of their worst threats seem to be coming true.

Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun -- Hilarious. I think they also did Sigmund Freud vs Taliban.

And how about all the Barack Obama series:

Barack the Barbarian -- Barack Obama is from a far off land. He is on a quest for the Treasure of Stimuli. The Red Sarah: The fighting queen from the North is trying to get to it before him!

Drafted - One Hundred Days -- In the alternate reality of Drafted, where the human race is drafted into a galactic army to help defend itself from invaders, Barack Obama has lost his family (and his voice), never ran for president, and is back on Earth to help rebuild Chicago.

President Evil -- Hmm... I wonder what this is a parody of... In this series Obama joins up with Palin, McCain, and Hilary to try and survive a zombie outbreak in Washington DC.

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