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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New NBC Drama - Spring 2010

"'Day One':

In a two-hour premiere after the conclusion of the Winter Olympics, viewers will follow a group of San Fernando Valley apartment complex dwellers when a global catastrophe hits. From writer-producer Jesse Alexander ("Heroes," "Lost") and director Alex Graves ("Fringe"), the cast includes Adam Campbell ("Date Movie"), Catherine Dent ("The Shield"), David Lyons ("ER"), Carly Pope ("24") and Thekla Reuten ("Sleeper Cell")."

--From the LA Times 05/05/09

I'm very curious to see how many landmarks in the SFV will be used, and where exactly their apartment complex would be. And maybe I don't have much of an imagination, but I can't picture an apartment complex full of white tenants in their 30s.

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  1. No kidding. I suppose they picked a good spot, though, what with the heat waves, earthquakes, and annual fires. Pretty much a yawn-fest for those of us who actually live around here.


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