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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eve Sedgwick Commemoration & "Hurts So Good: What's So Bad About Masochistic Pain?" Lecture

Yesterday I attended two amazing events in the span of 3 hours. First I got to hear some beautiful memories and readings of Eve Sedgwick from professors that I admire. I can say with certainty that she was an amazing person. Only one of the readings went way over my head. Jake's reading from "White Glasses" and a reading from "Sixth Axiom" by another professor were both provocative.

Second, I attended Adam Swenson's lecture titled "Hurts So Good: What's Bad About Masochistic Pain?" which was really exciting. His philosophy of pain really made me question some of my own understandings of it. And is it some kind of lecturers' joke to turn their audience on, or was it just me?

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