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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LGBTA Showcase

On Wednesday (04/29) the CSUN LGBTA and AS Space presented LGBTA Showcase in the USU Pub. The host, Martel Okanji, opened the night with a traditional favorite "I Will Survive" in a grey wig and flower print dress, which evolved into a hip hop dance with two back up dancers. Madison D. followed with prose about civil rights, harkening images from the black civil rights movement and questioned christian values, claiming her god came from within herself, not out of a book or from her forced church activities in childhood. Kyna G. shared with the crowd an original saxophone composition. Alex H.'s drag performance to "Sparkling Diamonds" was just--amazing.

Vocal Percussion Radio (VPR) opened with a duet version of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl". Scratch that, it was a trio. The last chorus line revealed a gay identified singer who also likes to kiss girls. Their second song was a Coldplay classic, "Clocks", and they spread their love over the audience, even if the soloist voice did waver a bit. They ended their set with "Let's Dance" by Lady Gaga. Not only were their members dancing on stage, but they got people in the audience clapping and moving. Joe recited a piece "Dimpled Daddy", a love poem.

CSUN's Fasmode, hip hop dance group, had an amazing performance that blurred gender lines and threw surprises at the audience.

A second drag show by Alex H. and Katlyn B. set to Lady Gaga's "Boyz Boyz Boyz" brang out love of boyz.

Acasola's set was full of meloncholy songs about broken hearts and searching for love, though it also represented strength and perseverance.

The only problem with the Pub in the USU was the utter lack of lighting on the stage--of all spaces in that room. The noise from the staff in the kitchen cleaning up was also a distraction.

Between every performance they presented the ideals behind every color of the pride flag. However, some of their ideology may have been a little flawed. But the overall message of the night was positive and strong. Their aim to educate and entertain: "edutain."

They ended the night with "Here's Where I Stand" sung by Courtney and Martel.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eve Sedgwick Commemoration & "Hurts So Good: What's So Bad About Masochistic Pain?" Lecture

Yesterday I attended two amazing events in the span of 3 hours. First I got to hear some beautiful memories and readings of Eve Sedgwick from professors that I admire. I can say with certainty that she was an amazing person. Only one of the readings went way over my head. Jake's reading from "White Glasses" and a reading from "Sixth Axiom" by another professor were both provocative.

Second, I attended Adam Swenson's lecture titled "Hurts So Good: What's Bad About Masochistic Pain?" which was really exciting. His philosophy of pain really made me question some of my own understandings of it. And is it some kind of lecturers' joke to turn their audience on, or was it just me?

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