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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Advocate At Albertsons Affair

Maybe I just don't go to grocery stores enough anymore, but the cashier asked if I wanted a separate bag for The Advocate I was buying. I told her she could go ahead and stick it in with the bagged lettuce, but... I don't know. I got a weird feeling from it.

As for the magazine itself, they're switching to a monthly format and the Editor's Letter reads, "We still read magazines--lots of them, in fact--but now we look to them to provide us with context and analysis of the quick-hit news reports we've already read on the Web." I can't really tell if they're being hopeful, in denial, or trying to mold the habits of their readers. Though, I would find it hard to believe their readers are a younger crowd. And you know, it would probably be bad business to try and shift their focus. I really hope their shift helps them prosper, this is the magazine's 1023rd issue.

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