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Monday, January 26, 2009


Agent MonkFish: Well isn't that quaint, you people let your sexuality define your personality. -cackles and wanders off to find something to eat-
Odd Boy Out: o.O
Odd Boy Out: That's kinda self-hating humor :\
Agent MonkFish: I don't hate me, I hate you.
Agent MonkFish: Tell me Odd, are you an advocate of Gay Rights Parades?
Odd Boy Out: I've never really thought about it, Monk.
Agent MonkFish: If you support those things, you should kill yourself.
Odd Boy Out: Wow You are rude.
Agent MonkFish: Yep.
Agent MonkFish: But I stand by my statement.
Odd Boy Out: Why do you advocate for suicide?
Agent MonkFish: Of course I do, I encourage all people who think the way to be treated like a normal person is to walk the streets in a rainbow thong dancing, to kill themselves.
Agent MonkFish: Because if you think that, there is something wrong with your brain.
Agent MonkFish: Also fat people.
Agent MonkFish: I hate fat people, unless they are cool with it and don't complain... but even then there is a limit.
Odd Boy Out: LGBT people aren't looking to be treated like 'normal' people.
Agent MonkFish: You're misunderstanding my use of the word "Normal"
Agent MonkFish: What I mean is to not be treated like freaks.
Odd Boy Out: I do believe that is what people in Pride parades are advocating for.
Agent MonkFish: Alright then. If on your normal day you see a person walking around in a pink feather boa and a thong do you or do you not think that person is FUCKING WEIRD?!
Odd Boy Out: It's not a normal day. It's a parade day.
Agent MonkFish: Doing it en masse does not change the act.
Agent MonkFish: Klu Klux Klan members having a big parade doesn't make it any less racist.
Odd Boy Out: You often see people in all manner of strange costume in parades.
Agent MonkFish: In fact it makes it even MORE racist.
Agent MonkFish: Like Halloween or Christmas.
Odd Boy Out: And having a Pride parade makes LGBT even more visible.
Agent MonkFish: I don't think you get this at all.
Odd Boy Out: I think you get off on playing Devil's Advocate. ;3
Agent MonkFish: ...I'm not playing the devil's advocate I'm providing you with something we here in the real world call LOGIC.
Odd Boy Out: lol
Agent MonkFish: You don't want to be treated like a freak don't hold a parade where everyone is dressed up on rainbow floats.
Odd Boy Out: I think you misunderstand your opinion to be logic.
Agent MonkFish: There's your new slogan.
Agent MonkFish: Free of charge.
Agent MonkFish: Why not tattoo it on your ass and show everyone?
Agent MonkFish: No one will think you are a freak if you get 20 other people to do it.
Agent MonkFish: Not a tramp stamp. More like an idiot stamp.
Odd Boy Out: Do you believe homosexuals are a valid minority Monk?
Agent MonkFish: No no no, we're talking about how much of an idiot you are, no changing the subject.
Odd Boy Out: lol
Agent MonkFish: Also no.
Agent MonkFish: Because when we qualify homosexuals as a valid minority we might as well qualify everything.
Agent MonkFish: Bisexuals, pansexuals, pedophiles, zoophiles whatever you call those people who have sex with appliances.
Odd Boy Out: So you really don't use logic.
Agent MonkFish: Why not have a pedophile parade?
Odd Boy Out: The "Slippery Slope" argument is a logical fallacy, Monk.
Agent MonkFish: If a bunch get on a float and march down the street molesting children no one can get mad because IT'S A PARADE! WEE!
Agent MonkFish: Why not get on 4chan and tell them all, I'm sure they'd be glad to know about the Parade Clause.
Odd Boy Out: Once someone shows that they don't use logic, especially after claiming to, I know to stop arguing. lol
RoseTown Leo: Good nihgt Odd Boy and thanks for everything.
Odd Boy Out: Sleep well :)
Agent MonkFish: No, you have ceased because there's nothing you can say to validate the actions of those who take part in a pride parade.
Odd Boy Out: lol
Agent MonkFish: If you can give me three good reasons for them I'll stop and admit you're right.
Odd Boy Out: lol There's not need.
Agent MonkFish: Exactly.
Agent MonkFish: Sylver understands.
Agent MonkFish: Yep it's more likely to get a "Fucking faggots and their parades" not "Look how brave they are! Having a parade!"
Odd Boy Out: Only our supporters think the latter.
Agent MonkFish: Well isn't the point to change the minds of the non-supporters?
Agent MonkFish: No.
Agent MonkFish: You're there.
Odd Boy Out: Yes, it is. You only gave the opinion of those against us and those for us. The inbetween don't have opinions. lol
Agent MonkFish: If you'
Agent MonkFish: If you're swayed by a parade... you're thick.
Agent MonkFish: Here's my little rule of thumb. If you don't want to be treated like a freak don't act like a freak.
Odd Boy Out: And LGBT aren't being treated as freaks as often as they used to be... I wonder why.
Agent MonkFish: Oh really? Because I FUCKING KNOW WHY.
Agent MonkFish: It's not because of parades.
Agent MonkFish: It's because as the older more closed minded generation DIES the newer generation with different ideals takes it's place.
Odd Boy Out: And why is that newer generation more aware of LGBT?
Agent MonkFish: I swear to god if you actually think it's because of a parade I will kill you.
Agent MonkFish: It's because they were raised differently, by a select amount of people who were just more tolerant.
Odd Boy Out: I do believe that Pride parades are an integral part to creating a larger community of LGBT and their supporters, yes. Having a big party often creates a sense of
Odd Boy Out: unity.
Agent MonkFish: Canada.
Agent MonkFish: No.
Agent MonkFish: No no.
Agent MonkFish: No.
Agent MonkFish: Having a party is different.
Odd Boy Out: Why were their parents more tolerant, Monk?
Agent MonkFish: OH YOU'RE SO RIGHT!
Agent MonkFish: "They aren't just weird, their annoying about it!"
Agent MonkFish: "I'm gonna go home and beat the queer out of my kid"
Odd Boy Out: You're all very self-loathing. lol
Agent MonkFish: No.
Agent MonkFish: I love me.
Agent MonkFish: I hate other gays.
Odd Boy Out: lol
Agent MonkFish: I hate gays who act like uppity bitch boys, participate in gay pride rallies and go to those dance clubs that play the shitty techno music I hate.
Agent MonkFish: ...I hate regular people who do that to though.
Agent MonkFish: I really just fucking hate techno/
Odd Boy Out: Why do you hate so much?

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