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Saturday, August 15, 2009


I thought I'd list some of the cool comics I've been reading lately.

The Walking Dead -- best zombie comic ever.

The Unwritten -- Harry Potter-esque series is loved by world, everyone thinks the son of the writer is the actual main character and strange things start happening...

Fahrenheit 451 -- Just wow. This is an amazing adaption of the book. The colors are awesome.

Chew -- Tony Chew is a "cibopath". When he takes a bite of something, he sees its life flash before his eyes. This comes in handy to solve crime for the FDA, in a world where Chicken has been banned because of the avian flu.

Detective Comics -- Starting with issue #854 the main character of the series is now Batwoman--a red-headed Jewish lesbian! Fuckin' awesome. And her first mad enemy only speaks in dialogue of Alice from Through the Looking Glass.

Herogasm -- You know when all the super heroes team up to defeat some huge enemy threatening the Earth? It's a hoax. They're taking a vacation.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic -- Um... what can I say? I love Star Wars. The KotOR games wer fucking awesome. And now Bioware is creating an Old Republic MMORPG!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz -- Awesome adaption from Marvel comics. :) It's only 8 issues long and I think they plan on continuing through the other books.

Unthinkable -- After 9/11/01 the government sets up a think tank--"The Think Tank"--of some of the smartest (and maybe craziest) people in the world to write down as many worst-case scenarios they can think of. They are disbanded and 8 years later all of their worst threats seem to be coming true.

Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun -- Hilarious. I think they also did Sigmund Freud vs Taliban.

And how about all the Barack Obama series:

Barack the Barbarian -- Barack Obama is from a far off land. He is on a quest for the Treasure of Stimuli. The Red Sarah: The fighting queen from the North is trying to get to it before him!

Drafted - One Hundred Days -- In the alternate reality of Drafted, where the human race is drafted into a galactic army to help defend itself from invaders, Barack Obama has lost his family (and his voice), never ran for president, and is back on Earth to help rebuild Chicago.

President Evil -- Hmm... I wonder what this is a parody of... In this series Obama joins up with Palin, McCain, and Hilary to try and survive a zombie outbreak in Washington DC.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I think Palin is an idiot. She can't help the Alaskan people by leaving office. Her only power is going to be her media coverage. She is shirking her responsibility. She's betraying her oath of office.

I'm am really happy to read that LA has lowered its water usage by 11%. I still need to fix my leaky bathroom. :(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Imaginary Conversations

A)"Hi, we're both bisexual and we want to get married to piss her parents off." "Okay, I just need to see your driver's licenses and collect $70."
B)"Hi, we're both bisexual. We've been in a committed relationship for 35 years, and we'd like to get married." "The California Constitution only allows marriage between a man and a woman."

A)"Hi, I'm a lesbian & he's gay & we'd like to get married. We're not going to have sex or kids but we want all the Federal rights marriage affords." "Okay, that'll be $70 & I just need to see your driver's licenses."
B)"Hi, we've been together for 15 years & have two children & we'd like to get married." "The California Constitution only allows marriage between a man & a woman."

(credit to Jacob H.)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New NBC Drama - Spring 2010

"'Day One':

In a two-hour premiere after the conclusion of the Winter Olympics, viewers will follow a group of San Fernando Valley apartment complex dwellers when a global catastrophe hits. From writer-producer Jesse Alexander ("Heroes," "Lost") and director Alex Graves ("Fringe"), the cast includes Adam Campbell ("Date Movie"), Catherine Dent ("The Shield"), David Lyons ("ER"), Carly Pope ("24") and Thekla Reuten ("Sleeper Cell")."

--From the LA Times 05/05/09

I'm very curious to see how many landmarks in the SFV will be used, and where exactly their apartment complex would be. And maybe I don't have much of an imagination, but I can't picture an apartment complex full of white tenants in their 30s.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LGBTA Showcase

On Wednesday (04/29) the CSUN LGBTA and AS Space presented LGBTA Showcase in the USU Pub. The host, Martel Okanji, opened the night with a traditional favorite "I Will Survive" in a grey wig and flower print dress, which evolved into a hip hop dance with two back up dancers. Madison D. followed with prose about civil rights, harkening images from the black civil rights movement and questioned christian values, claiming her god came from within herself, not out of a book or from her forced church activities in childhood. Kyna G. shared with the crowd an original saxophone composition. Alex H.'s drag performance to "Sparkling Diamonds" was just--amazing.

Vocal Percussion Radio (VPR) opened with a duet version of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl". Scratch that, it was a trio. The last chorus line revealed a gay identified singer who also likes to kiss girls. Their second song was a Coldplay classic, "Clocks", and they spread their love over the audience, even if the soloist voice did waver a bit. They ended their set with "Let's Dance" by Lady Gaga. Not only were their members dancing on stage, but they got people in the audience clapping and moving. Joe recited a piece "Dimpled Daddy", a love poem.

CSUN's Fasmode, hip hop dance group, had an amazing performance that blurred gender lines and threw surprises at the audience.

A second drag show by Alex H. and Katlyn B. set to Lady Gaga's "Boyz Boyz Boyz" brang out love of boyz.

Acasola's set was full of meloncholy songs about broken hearts and searching for love, though it also represented strength and perseverance.

The only problem with the Pub in the USU was the utter lack of lighting on the stage--of all spaces in that room. The noise from the staff in the kitchen cleaning up was also a distraction.

Between every performance they presented the ideals behind every color of the pride flag. However, some of their ideology may have been a little flawed. But the overall message of the night was positive and strong. Their aim to educate and entertain: "edutain."

They ended the night with "Here's Where I Stand" sung by Courtney and Martel.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eve Sedgwick Commemoration & "Hurts So Good: What's So Bad About Masochistic Pain?" Lecture

Yesterday I attended two amazing events in the span of 3 hours. First I got to hear some beautiful memories and readings of Eve Sedgwick from professors that I admire. I can say with certainty that she was an amazing person. Only one of the readings went way over my head. Jake's reading from "White Glasses" and a reading from "Sixth Axiom" by another professor were both provocative.

Second, I attended Adam Swenson's lecture titled "Hurts So Good: What's Bad About Masochistic Pain?" which was really exciting. His philosophy of pain really made me question some of my own understandings of it. And is it some kind of lecturers' joke to turn their audience on, or was it just me?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

On Abstinence Education

Every time we said "use a condom," we were required to follow it up with "but abstinence is the only 100% safe method to prevent pregnancy." So I prepped my younger brother's friend to take advantage of the pre-programmed responses.

When he heard such a statement, he would reply, "So if my boyfriend and I had sex, would he get pregnant or would I?"
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To which they would answer, "Well, of course you wouldn't get pregnant but you'd be at risk for STI's."

"But we're both virgins," he would exclaim, "So how could either of us have an STI?"

"Some STI's can be transmitted through other means than just sex" would be the standard answer.

"Wait a minute, are you saying that abstinence isn't 100% safe?"

from http://www.bilerico.com/2009/02/abstinence_is_not_100_safe.php

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Advocate At Albertsons Affair

Maybe I just don't go to grocery stores enough anymore, but the cashier asked if I wanted a separate bag for The Advocate I was buying. I told her she could go ahead and stick it in with the bagged lettuce, but... I don't know. I got a weird feeling from it.

As for the magazine itself, they're switching to a monthly format and the Editor's Letter reads, "We still read magazines--lots of them, in fact--but now we look to them to provide us with context and analysis of the quick-hit news reports we've already read on the Web." I can't really tell if they're being hopeful, in denial, or trying to mold the habits of their readers. Though, I would find it hard to believe their readers are a younger crowd. And you know, it would probably be bad business to try and shift their focus. I really hope their shift helps them prosper, this is the magazine's 1023rd issue.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sad Parking

I saw a sad face chalked on the parking structure on campus. :( I totally understand where they're coming from. Hopefully parking will be better because of the new structure. I'll probably just start using it just 'cause its new and won't fill.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Agent MonkFish: Well isn't that quaint, you people let your sexuality define your personality. -cackles and wanders off to find something to eat-
Odd Boy Out: o.O
Odd Boy Out: That's kinda self-hating humor :\
Agent MonkFish: I don't hate me, I hate you.
Agent MonkFish: Tell me Odd, are you an advocate of Gay Rights Parades?
Odd Boy Out: I've never really thought about it, Monk.
Agent MonkFish: If you support those things, you should kill yourself.
Odd Boy Out: Wow You are rude.
Agent MonkFish: Yep.
Agent MonkFish: But I stand by my statement.
Odd Boy Out: Why do you advocate for suicide?
Agent MonkFish: Of course I do, I encourage all people who think the way to be treated like a normal person is to walk the streets in a rainbow thong dancing, to kill themselves.
Agent MonkFish: Because if you think that, there is something wrong with your brain.
Agent MonkFish: Also fat people.
Agent MonkFish: I hate fat people, unless they are cool with it and don't complain... but even then there is a limit.
Odd Boy Out: LGBT people aren't looking to be treated like 'normal' people.
Agent MonkFish: You're misunderstanding my use of the word "Normal"
Agent MonkFish: What I mean is to not be treated like freaks.
Odd Boy Out: I do believe that is what people in Pride parades are advocating for.
Agent MonkFish: Alright then. If on your normal day you see a person walking around in a pink feather boa and a thong do you or do you not think that person is FUCKING WEIRD?!
Odd Boy Out: It's not a normal day. It's a parade day.
Agent MonkFish: Doing it en masse does not change the act.
Agent MonkFish: Klu Klux Klan members having a big parade doesn't make it any less racist.
Odd Boy Out: You often see people in all manner of strange costume in parades.
Agent MonkFish: In fact it makes it even MORE racist.
Agent MonkFish: Like Halloween or Christmas.
Odd Boy Out: And having a Pride parade makes LGBT even more visible.
Agent MonkFish: I don't think you get this at all.
Odd Boy Out: I think you get off on playing Devil's Advocate. ;3
Agent MonkFish: ...I'm not playing the devil's advocate I'm providing you with something we here in the real world call LOGIC.
Odd Boy Out: lol
Agent MonkFish: You don't want to be treated like a freak don't hold a parade where everyone is dressed up on rainbow floats.
Odd Boy Out: I think you misunderstand your opinion to be logic.
Agent MonkFish: There's your new slogan.
Agent MonkFish: Free of charge.
Agent MonkFish: Why not tattoo it on your ass and show everyone?
Agent MonkFish: No one will think you are a freak if you get 20 other people to do it.
Agent MonkFish: Not a tramp stamp. More like an idiot stamp.
Odd Boy Out: Do you believe homosexuals are a valid minority Monk?
Agent MonkFish: No no no, we're talking about how much of an idiot you are, no changing the subject.
Odd Boy Out: lol
Agent MonkFish: Also no.
Agent MonkFish: Because when we qualify homosexuals as a valid minority we might as well qualify everything.
Agent MonkFish: Bisexuals, pansexuals, pedophiles, zoophiles whatever you call those people who have sex with appliances.
Odd Boy Out: So you really don't use logic.
Agent MonkFish: Why not have a pedophile parade?
Odd Boy Out: The "Slippery Slope" argument is a logical fallacy, Monk.
Agent MonkFish: If a bunch get on a float and march down the street molesting children no one can get mad because IT'S A PARADE! WEE!
Agent MonkFish: Why not get on 4chan and tell them all, I'm sure they'd be glad to know about the Parade Clause.
Odd Boy Out: Once someone shows that they don't use logic, especially after claiming to, I know to stop arguing. lol
RoseTown Leo: Good nihgt Odd Boy and thanks for everything.
Odd Boy Out: Sleep well :)
Agent MonkFish: No, you have ceased because there's nothing you can say to validate the actions of those who take part in a pride parade.
Odd Boy Out: lol
Agent MonkFish: If you can give me three good reasons for them I'll stop and admit you're right.
Odd Boy Out: lol There's not need.
Agent MonkFish: Exactly.
Agent MonkFish: Sylver understands.
Agent MonkFish: Yep it's more likely to get a "Fucking faggots and their parades" not "Look how brave they are! Having a parade!"
Odd Boy Out: Only our supporters think the latter.
Agent MonkFish: Well isn't the point to change the minds of the non-supporters?
Agent MonkFish: No.
Agent MonkFish: You're there.
Odd Boy Out: Yes, it is. You only gave the opinion of those against us and those for us. The inbetween don't have opinions. lol
Agent MonkFish: If you'
Agent MonkFish: If you're swayed by a parade... you're thick.
Agent MonkFish: Here's my little rule of thumb. If you don't want to be treated like a freak don't act like a freak.
Odd Boy Out: And LGBT aren't being treated as freaks as often as they used to be... I wonder why.
Agent MonkFish: Oh really? Because I FUCKING KNOW WHY.
Agent MonkFish: It's not because of parades.
Agent MonkFish: It's because as the older more closed minded generation DIES the newer generation with different ideals takes it's place.
Odd Boy Out: And why is that newer generation more aware of LGBT?
Agent MonkFish: I swear to god if you actually think it's because of a parade I will kill you.
Agent MonkFish: It's because they were raised differently, by a select amount of people who were just more tolerant.
Odd Boy Out: I do believe that Pride parades are an integral part to creating a larger community of LGBT and their supporters, yes. Having a big party often creates a sense of
Odd Boy Out: unity.
Agent MonkFish: Canada.
Agent MonkFish: No.
Agent MonkFish: No no.
Agent MonkFish: No.
Agent MonkFish: Having a party is different.
Odd Boy Out: Why were their parents more tolerant, Monk?
Agent MonkFish: OH YOU'RE SO RIGHT!
Agent MonkFish: "They aren't just weird, their annoying about it!"
Agent MonkFish: "I'm gonna go home and beat the queer out of my kid"
Odd Boy Out: You're all very self-loathing. lol
Agent MonkFish: No.
Agent MonkFish: I love me.
Agent MonkFish: I hate other gays.
Odd Boy Out: lol
Agent MonkFish: I hate gays who act like uppity bitch boys, participate in gay pride rallies and go to those dance clubs that play the shitty techno music I hate.
Agent MonkFish: ...I hate regular people who do that to though.
Agent MonkFish: I really just fucking hate techno/
Odd Boy Out: Why do you hate so much?

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